Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I listen. I follow. I feel

As surf crashes in where soft sand meets ancient rock, my form begins.

Later, on grassy parklands with children playing and dogs barking in the distance our regular Tai Chi classes prepare for practice. Tai Chi, music, and family fill my day.

Students watch as I demonstrate one of the faster Tai Chi forms, giving me opportunity to explain the dynamics of Yang. Energetic. Fast. Explosive. Yang fighting movements are a highly effective means of self protection, reputedly the most lethal martial system ever devised, but they have a higher purpose. The external movements express feelings from within. Yang energy increases the ability to overcome inner fears, doubt, and a raft of other uncertainties.

Alternatively, Yin is the slow form of Tai Chi and feels like poetry in motion. A slowing down, tuning in to nature. We relax into a place we really enjoy. This slow form brings most benefit to the outdoor morning classes. “Looking to the horizon, crown gently suspended and chin tucked in ...The class begins.

First, simple exercises. “Observing the movement of the breath. Feeling the movement of the chest and abdomen.” S-l-o-o-o--w-ly. Then, moving further into the form, the essence of Tai Chi takes hold, inherent in individual movements inherent in the whole cycle. We finish renewed and refreshed.

Beach front, park, mountain top, or community hall – Tai Chi brings you to yourself wherever and whenever it is practiced. An acquired skill that spiritually focusses on inner awareness. Listen. Follow. Feel. And by all means contact me at dragonsplash@bigpond.com if there is more you’d like to know.

Full one-hour Classes : Cooroy, Monday, 8 am, opposite Butter Factory | Noosaville, Thursday, 7 30 am, Lions Park | Pomona, Friday : 8 am, Stan Topper Park. Private courses by arrangement. Telephone – 5442 4179

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